• It is Time to Convert Your eCommerce Store into an mCommerce App

    31 October , 2015 ecommerce-mcommerce

    eCommerce is an extremely important part of our lives. It has given us the convenience to shop from the comfort of our homes or offices. However, few years ago eCommerce wasn’t really the talk of the town. It was just getting into the picture, and the end users didn’t know about it. That is how technology functions. It moves extremely briskly. In 2015, though, eCommerce seems to be making way for Mobile Commerce.

    We have all got used to living a fast paced life. Due to our busy schedules and the lack of time, smart phones have become an integral facet of our lives. Not only do we use the phone for communication, but it is now being used for numerous applications. It is such an important element of our existence that we always keep the phone with us. With the obvious potential in the mobile market, developers have flooded the market with mobile applications. In the process of developing apps to serve different needs of the customers, Mobile Commerce has gradually entered the market place too. However, it has received tremendous success. Players in the retail market have realized that there is a huge potential for revenue generation in the mobile commerce market, and they are trying to use that to their advantage. According to one research, there has been a 174% growth in lifestyle and shopping apps in 2015 over the last year. To put this in perspective, this is even higher than the growth in messaging and social media applications. This, and many other similar trends, make it impossible to ignore the potential of Mobile Commerce. Mobile orders continue to rise around North America and the rest of the world.

    mCommerce site vs Mobile shopping app

    The reason why mobile commerce is picking up in popularity is because people find it convenient to easily pick the product of their choice and complete their business transactions smoothly. They don’t need to move from their seat. However, when you have an MCommerce site, the users are being directed to the mobile version of your eCommerce website. That defeats the entire purpose of having a mobile existence. With a mobile shopping app, though, the users find it extremely convenient to select products and stay connected with the app at all times. In fact, processing payment transactions is simpler and more trustworthy. According to PayPal, 64% of the smart phone users are making use of MCommerce apps instead of the 52% of smart phone users who are making use of MCommerce sites. Therefore, it is pertinent that you focus on the development of mobile apps for your mobile shopping platform. If you hire experts in the field, they will manage to generate a compelling solution that is easy to market and use. In fact, mobile commerce sales is expected to growth to about $100 billion this year. That is a significant number.

    Smoothly transitioning from eCommerce store to mCommerce app

    Now we know that growth in the mobile commerce industry is compelling enough to attract numerous retailers and developers. The next step is to make sure that the transition from your ecommerce store to mCommerce app is smooth and without any obstacles. You should firstly focus on the quality of the mobile shopping app that is being built. There have been retailers who have developed an mCommerce app without focusing enough on the user interface of the same. One needs to ensure that navigation across the app is smooth, payment is processed with ease, and the design is user friendly. Secondly, you need to employ most modern technology to stay ahead of the curve in that regard. All of this will be possible if you hire an expert to help you build a comprehensive and unrivalled mCommerce solution.

    TriState Technology – Your trusted mCommerce application development agency

    At Tristate Technology, we have the ability to convert an existing eCommerce website into an mCommerce app. With our experienced team and continuous R&D, we make sure that our clients receive unparalleled results. It is this ability of ours that makes us one of the preferred destinations for domestic and international projects. We offer turnkey solutions, and look after all elements of the development cycle- right from planning & design to app listing. Our experts also make sure that the mCommerce solution is compatible with all major eCommerce platforms including Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, etc. For information about our services, Please Contact us.