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7 powerful chatbot apps for learning languages

Powerful Chatbot Apps

Developing chatbot applications for multiple businesses, domains, and industries have become a trend now.

Chatbots in travel, banking, HR to healthcare- every industry has started utilizing the power of AI-based chatbots.

Similarly, recently, chatbots are becoming popular among language learning apps.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), more people are now willing to follow a personal approach to learning new languages. One never knows whether he will find a language teacher near his place.

But technology can help, with human-like, interactive chatbot apps to learn new languages. These are next-level mobile apps with inbuilt chatbots simplifies the learning process further as per the convenience of the user.

Here are some of the best language learning chatbot apps you should know about:

1. Duolingo

Duolingo App

Think about an app which understands your context, your learning levels, and then help you learn a new language accordingly. We usually get to hear in the schools that everyone has his learning capabilities. How about targeting our skills and converting them into our strengths with the help of an advanced chatbot app?

Yes, Duolingo can make that possible. It can be considered one of the most popular learning chatbot apps built with AI-based algorithms. While making use of it, a user will feel the bot understands his context and responds. It means different users will get unique responses for a similar query as per the context they are seeking help for.

Also, it has virtual language tutors which helped thousands of users across the globe to learn a new language easily. Another benefit of using this chatbot app is that a user does not feel as embarrassed as he otherwise does while miscommunicating to a person who speaks a different language fluently.

Initially, this app was launched with the ability to communicate in English, Spanish, German, and French. But as per its usability, its bot is now capable of discussing things in more than twenty-three different languages.

To make it more convenient and interactive, the company has also added a compelling way of giving personality-specific touch to the bots. For instance, you can use Duolingo’s language learning chatbot to experience reactions associated with Chef Robert, Officer Ada, and Renee the Driver.

These personality reactions will respond differently to your answers and specify the necessary actions accordingly. When you give a wrong answer, these personalities will correct you differently to make the learning process more engaging. It is a great AI language learning app for students to master their vocabulary and stronghold on various languages.

Not just that, Duolingo has been recognized in the US and around the world as one of the best language learning apps.

2. Andy

Andy App

Do you find it hard to learn and study the English language? You are not alone in the world as it is a common problem faced by thousands of people all over the world for whom English is a second language. But you need not worry as there is Andy the Chatbot ready to become your virtual English teacher.

Andy has been designed by tech experts to help its users to practice English. It gives grammar lessons, helps in expanding vocabulary, and even provides an interface to its users where they can interact with the bot over casual communication. They can also have this bot as an ally to play games with them.

It is believable that one of the best ways to learn English is through engaging in direct communication with native speakers. It does help in improvising skills and experience. But, many of you who aren’t comfortable with English need to deal with the shyness and fear of feeling humiliated during a conversation.

Therefore, to help you overcome that shyness, the latest version of Andy, language-learning Chabot, is at your service. Here, you get to talk to an AI chatbot who will answer your questions and communicate with you like a real person. In this way, you don’t have to worry about being humiliated and will eventually improve your English.
You can take your time to feel confident about chatting in English with the virtual character, after which you can interact with the real one.

This chatbot app is available for smartphones based on Android as well as iOS platform.
Those users who seek beginner level help from a chatbot will find Andy as one of the best apps to start learning the English language.

3. Mondly

Mondly App

Indeed, learning a new language is not an easy task. In some languages, getting the basics learned right is more difficult than one can think of. For such needs, Mondly is yet another language learning app available for both Android and iOS users, which offers support for thirty-three global languages.

The premium version of this language learning chatbot is also affordable, along with shorter yet engaging lessons. Using the Mondly Chabot to learn language, you can use their gamification features to enhance the learning experience. Thus, language learning becomes fun, and the lessons become interesting.

Not just that, but Mondly’s AI language learning app also has AR and VR features, which are innovative in terms of helping people learn their desired language. You will be learning your language very quickly, at least to a level where you can participate in basic informal conversations.

It has chatbots with whom a user can interact by either typing or speaking the response. People love the kind of interaction that can happen while using this app. Not just that, it can help them do certain things, such as ordering food online, etc.

4. Memrise

Memrise App

In real life, people love to get help from a teacher who follows an engaging, interactive teaching approach and keeps them hooked to the lessons. If you are looking for such a virtual teacher to learn a new language, there are many reasons why you will love Memrise chatbot application.

Memrise is an award-winning app that helps users to learn more than twenty languages around the globe. It also offers interactive ways to keep them engaged in learning the niceties related to the new language, be it grammar, vocabulary, to name a few. Not just that, it comes with several other courses in it for the users.

Memrise is a flexible and engaging chatbot app for learning phrases and vocabulary. It does lack in-depth language learning potential but is still a great choice for getting multiple language exposures. There are various memorization methods embedded within the application to assist you all.

You learn from 23 languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese, and German. Most of the platform’s content is free, whereas the premium subscription is also affordable, at $5 per month and $119.99 for lifetime access. All of the audio and video lessons within the app are of high quality and offer value to the learning approach.

Being available on both Android and iOS, Memrise is designed with advanced AI technology for real-time object identification. This makes the learners feel they are interacting with a real teacher. One can even click photos of specific objects through the app to ask the app about its name in a language of their choice.

5. Lanny

Lanny App

The demand for learning some specific languages is more than others in different countries. Particular for those who want to learn Korean, Japanese, or Chines with the help of an AI-based language tutor, there is Lanny from Eggbun education.

Lanny is also known amongst its users as an automated tutor in their pockets. This is how its creators promote it too. It is available both as a web app and a mobile app. Along with other apps in its series created by Eggbun education, it has been downloaded over a million times.

Lanny ensures a more personal way of teaching favourable languages to the app users. Adding language learning chatbots to mobile applications is a great move and enables the users to acquire a unique learning journey. Lanny allows the users to talk to the bot over the application to rectify pronunciation errors and chat with the bot to master conversational skills over the keyboard.

It will feel like you are talking to someone in real, as the responses will be very natural. The phrases will be the ones you commonly hear people speaking to one another. The application is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

What makes Lanny more interesting as a chatbot? It not only teaches you a new language but also makes you aware of its history and origin. Alongside, it is designed to help users practise the pronunciation of words in specific languages.

6. Babbel

Babbel App

Users love to get helped by technology that is created and curated by language experts. One such chatbot app is Babbel, which helps become in learning languages as a chatbot voiced liked native speakers.

Babbel is designed to make its users ready for real-life situations while using a new language. As a human-like bot, it creates interactive dialogues using speech recognition technology to make sure the users gain enough confidence to speak a new language.

To ensure better success in terms of providing quality learning experiences to users, Babbel has also partnered with Cambridge English, one of the most legitimate learning firms, to provide certification and language testing courses at minimal pay. It is available in web and mobile app versions for added convenience for language learners.

Users also get to work on curated review sessions to check their training results and ensuring that commit to learn the new language well.

7. Rosettastone

While learning a new language, users might also think of certain factors, such as anytime-anywhere usability of the app, easy access whether online or offline and similar other things.

To fulfill all these expectations, Rosettastone language learning application can help. It enables users to learn around twenty-five languages on any device of their choice, both offline and online. It is available as a web version and a mobile app on both the iOS and Android platforms.

The USP of Rosettastone is that it helps you learn the languages from the ground level. You will be learning it like a child, which means you will understand the fundamentals of pronunciation, grammar, and other such aspects of speaking a language fluently. There are various features available within the app to make learning more interactive.

In terms of technology, it uses TruAccent speech engine to help users get the right articulation. It also makes use of augmented reality to make the language learning experience realistic for its users.

We develop advanced language learning chatbot apps to help people in learning new languages with the help of next-gen technology. Are you looking to develop one? Let’s discuss the entire strategy and get an estimation of how much does it cost to develop a chatbot application.

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