• Apple iOS 10 vs Android nougat 7

    13 September , 2016 apple ios 10 vs android nougat 7, ios 10, android nougat 7, android latest version, apple latest version, latest operating system

    Apple ios 10 vs Android nougat 7

    Recently we have seen major smartphones OS updates from Google and Apple. Android Nougat is Google’s latest operating system for its phone and tablet. On other hand iOS 10 is the latest version of Apple for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

    Let’s take a look of Apple ios 10 vs Android nougat 7 updates and enhancement.


    Android Nougat has launched attractive multitasking feature where a user can easily switch to another app and instantly jump back to previously used the app by just double click on a recent button. Moreover, user can access two apps on same time by landscape view, also easily drag and drop item between the app through a recent menu. Android nougat implements its own pressure-sensitive screen system for quick user experience.

    In iOS 10 lock screen support 3D touch, where the user can perceive camera & widgets much more easy to operate with a smooth touch. Apple has used pressure-sensitive displays to use 3D Touch in a notification, User need to firmly touch on notification & they can read it without unlocking device.

    Notifications :

    Android Nougat’s notifications available with a font change, quick access for toggles setting, deliver more standard information, stack notification and instant app notification reply direct through notification menu.

    Apple has used pressure-sensitive displays to use 3D Touch in notification, user need to firmly touch on notification & they can read it without unlocking device.

    Messaging :

    Android Nougat’s messaging app called Allo is more than messaging  and it  provides google search, online bookings and many more facilities. The user can increase scrawl of photos and emoji size with allo for more attractive messaging experience, also it suggests words and photos for reply.

    In iOS 10 messages include powerful animations,invisible ink and personalization handwritten notes. Also, includes quickly personalize GIFs or edit photos, send payments or schedule dinner or a movie, all from within iOS 10 app development messages .

    Photo Management :

    Android Nougat’s photo management automatically groups the photos together and creates slideshow of similar snaps just like google photos.

    In iOS 10 user can save their memorable photo with the detail, date & location with new   photo feature ‘memories’ in iOS 10.

    Assistant software

    Android Nougat’s new assistant software Allo has included many features in one app like, it  can search out photos and suggest reply for user.also,user able to chat within Allo, multi language support for search and result.

    iOS 10 Siri is more advanced than previous Sirikit, user access messaging, photo search, phone calls also booking ride & personal payment by just using just their voice.


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