“If the mobile app development company is not following the agile methodology to develop your apps, your mobile app is in the wrong hands.”

Why am I saying so?

Because most of you don’t know what is Agile methodology. And, you don’t even ask your mobile app development company about which methodology and technology do they use.

When you’ve approached them, they give you a few documents. You just look up for when will they deliver the mobile app and the estimated cost in those documents.

That’s the case with most of the businesses as they are non-technical. Either they don’t belong to technology or I could say, they don’t know much about the technology.

That’s the reason we have come up with a topic that educates each and every business owner about

  • What is Agile methodology?
  • Advantages of Agile methodology
  • Why should you always choose the same for your mobile app development?

So, let’s get started.

What is the Agile Methodology?

Let me share with you what Wikipedia has for you on the Agile methodology:


Let me help you.

Agile methodology is a practice used for all kinds of development- software, web, and even mobile apps.

That practice requires every team to work in collaboration with each other to achieve the desired solution in a more advanced way.

In this practice, every team means- research & planning, design, development, testing, QA, and even the owners or their specific team.

So, not just the cross-functional teams of the mobile app development company have to contribute to your app development. It’s you as well needs to be involved in each and every step of the app development process.

Also, this practice involves a continuous iteration of every process- design, development, testing, and QA- through the entire mobile app development lifecycle.

How the Agile methodology takes place for your mobile app development?

Here is a step by step agile methodology in action for mobile app development:

Let’s take an example- you come to us for your mobile app development.
Now, see how the whole process of agile methodology (step by step) takes place in the mobile app development:

1. You come up with an app idea
2. We discuss them, offer you some feedback and even suggestions
3. Our team locks the final app requirements
4. The planning team proposes the plan of action & execution
5. Then we start designing and developing the app
6. We send the app to the testers and QA team to check for quality
7. If the app has bugs, the developers work on the same
8. In case of no bugs, we send the app to you for testing & confirming about everything you’d asked for
9. You come up with some feedback or even new app requirements
10. Based on your feedback or requirements, we decide our next steps of action- whether we need to make some changes or we need to prepare for the final launch
11. If we have to work on some changes, we make them & come back to you for approval
12. Until you approve, we improve your app
13. Once, you approve, the app is prepared for launch
14. After the release of your app, we check for any bugs or extensions on the live app
15. We keep on offering you the support and maintenance of your mobile app continuously

This means the mobile app development company following the Agile methodology should not leave your hand until you’re all set.

Why Choose Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development?

You might be wondering that what is the advantage of using the agile methodology in your mobile app development.

Or maybe, why choose Agile for your mobile app development.

And, that’s obvious. I can understand. And, that is the reason why I have come up with the powerful reasons to prove-

  • Agile methodology is the most effective way to develop successful mobile apps.
  • Using Agile methodology, the mobile app development companies can develop and deliver the highest quality, sustainable, and robust mobile applications.

Let’s discuss them.

1. Constant Communication between teams

The first and the foremost reason why choose Agile methodology is that it encourages constant communication between various teams.

Like I said above that every team works in collaboration and even I shared the list of teams.

Communicating constantly removes the issues of things not being conveyed or not addressed to.

Also, you always know what is going on, where your app development is heading towards, and all sort of things.

So, there is no place for confusion because the teams are more transparent. Hence, the end result is achieved in a better way.

2. Customized App Development
Earlier, when the business owner would come up with the new amendments after the app is being developed, it was impossible to implement.

But now, as all the processes take place concurrently, there is room for more customized mobile app requirements.

So, you can come up with some new app requirements such as design changes, navigation functionalities, and whatnot.

And, the mobile app development companies can easily fit those requirements in their continuous iterations taking place.

Here is one more reason which proves that the customized app development is only possible with the Agile methodology.

3. Seamless Project Management
Here are the teams involved in the mobile app development

  • Research & Analysts
  • Planning & decision-making
  • Graphic designers
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • QA
  • Business owners

All these teams have their own tasks allocated during the app development project. These teams work individually to look after their own tasks and collaboratively to ensure the end result is achieved.

All the activities being carried out are recorded. And, each individual teams can see if the highest amount of productivity is achieved or not.

With such allocation of tasks, the entire project is managed easily, effectively, and efficiently.

4. Improved Customer Experience

In Agile methodology, the customer is always involved in the continuous communication.

Whether it is for the design, development, testing, and checking for the quality of the app- every major task is confirmed with the customer. Well, that customer is you.

Working collaboratively with other teams in the mobile app development, you know what all the teams are doing and how they are progressing.

Also, you can keep on checking whether the app is up to your requirements and how the end users would find it.

Every customer loved to be involved and informed. Hence, the mobile app development companies have the chance to improve their customer experience. And, you have the chance to think like your end users and work on improving their experience.

This is one of the highly influential reasons to choose the Agile methodology for the companies like yours and us.

5. Motivated App Development Teams
The app is developed in the divided slots. One functionality is developed by one developer, another developer develops another app module. All the modules are added to their shared folder and the testers take the codes from there to test the modules.

In case of any bugs or broken functionalities, the testers intimate it to the developers. Then, the respective developers resolve the bugs and the codes are again sent to the testers.

With such a defined practice, the app development teams don’t have to write the same code again and again. Also, they don’t have to develop the entire app alone.

This keeps the entire app development team motivated and dedicated to developing high-quality mobile apps.

6. Speedy App Design & Development

Like I said, in the agile methodology, the app development is divided among the various app developers. So, if there are bugs in one developers’ code, the other does not wait for him. He focuses on his own tasks.

Same is the case with designing an app. The task of designing is also divided into separate tasks. So, the overall design and development do not stop at any point in time.

This ensures that your mobile app is developed much faster with the use of Agile methodology.

Quite an enticing reason to go for it, right?

7. Improved Quality Apps
Though the speed is high when it comes to developing the apps using the Agile methodology, the quality is never compromised.

As and when a code is ready, the testers quickly take up the code to test it. In fact, they perform various types of testing to see if nothing has broken due to that additional code.

So, every time there is a new code, the entire app is tested and checked for the quality by the QA team.

And, this is only possible with the Agile methodology as other traditional models do not have such flexibilities.

Each designer, developer, tester, and quality analyst put their best of skills, experience, and expertise to achieve the end goal.

This ensures your mobile app is developed with utmost quality.

8. Reduced Development Costs
Most of the business owners come up with a certain budget to develop their mobile app. And, you are not different.

When it comes to utilizing the Agile methodology, the scope of work is discussed in the beginning. And, based on that, the mobile app development company come up with a certain amount of hours required for each of the tasks.

And, based on that, the cost of app development is finalized.

If you want to make any tweaks in the scope of work based on your budget, you can do that. So, the app development costs remain controlled.

In case you want to raise your budget, you can do that at any phase of the development cycle, as Agile methods have such flexibility.

9. Lowered Risks
Mobile app development is all about technology. And, technology keeps on changing. It was never stagnant, and won’t be ever.

In fact, you keep on checking on Google about technology trends 2017, 2018, 2019, etc. Every year you can expect some of the other change taking place as the technology keeps on changing.

So, by the time you’ve released your mobile app, certain technologies or even their trends might have changed.

Looking at them, if you are looking to make changes in your mobile app, you can do that easily and without any hassles. All because of the Agile methodology.

Hence, the risks are lowered on getting your app data or functionalities or technologies getting out of date.

10. Faster Time-to-market
The first and the foremost concern for most business owners is- when will you deliver the app?

Most of the time, business owners do not know how long does it take to develop an app.

But then, now you know that the app development tasks are divided into modules and are handled by various teams.

So, the app is planned, designed, developed, tested, and quality-assured faster.

That means you receive the app much faster with the help of Agile methodology. Well, that is not the case with the other traditional models.

So, here is another strong reason for which you need Agile app development model.

11. Improved ROI
Just imagine, you have-

  • High-quality app
  • Low app development cost
  • Faster time-to-market

And, all the above-mentioned benefits of developing a mobile app using the Agile methods results into the improved ROI.
That means your mobile app development becomes a value for money opportunity to reach to your customers.
This is surely the last, but certainly not the least reason to choose Agile methods for your mobile app development.

Being a business owner, you cannot risk your mobile app to be in the wrong hands. That is the reason you should know whether your mobile app development company is following Agile methods. If not, this is the right time to change.

After all, your mobile app is not just an asset, but a way to become successful.