8 Amazing iOS 17 Features Highlighted Over WWDC 2023

For all the iOS fanatics, June month has been extremely rewarding with the unveiling of magnificent features of iOS 17. The official release of this new version of the Apple OS is set for the fall of 2023.

Different businesses are looking for the best iOS app development company to get iOS 17 optimised applications for users when this update is finally launched.

But the BETA version is already out, and the iPhone testers are already trying out the impeccable features of iOS 17. But for the people who want to patiently wait for the update to arrive, what’s in there for them?

If you missed the WWDC 2023 event, here’s a highlight of all the features that will enhance your overall experience with the iPhones.

1. Contact Card

With the Contact Card feature, you can now customise the way you want people to receive your calls. The iOS 17 will enable you to create your custom contact poster and set it as a contact card.

Next time, anyone who uses an iPhone among your friends or family members will see this custom appeal every time they receive your call. You get to choose your favourite emoji or photo, add some colours, fill the space with some text, and your poster will be ready.

Now, your friends will not just be seeing your name but an excited and cheerful photo poster of you as well. It is more like you are creating a visual identity for yourself! There’s a call kit integration onto iOS 17, which enables you to use this feature with third-party VOIP apps.

2. Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail

Gone are the days when you had to settle down for decoding the audio voicemails people left while you were not with your phone. Among other latest iOS 17 announcements, the Live Voicemail feature in iOS 17 enables users to see real-time transcription when someone leaves a voicemail on their phone.

Following that, this enables the users to pick up the phone while the caller is in the middle of leaving his/her message. The calls that the iOS system identifies as spam or fraud won’t be sent to voicemail and will be immediately declined.

The power of Neural Engine is embedded in the iOS configuration, enabling Live Voicemail transcription to be handled right on the device, keeping the conversations private.

3. FaceTime Upgrades

You don’t have to regret missing your FaceTime call with your friends. It is because iOS 17 allows users to share FaceTime video and audio messages through the same effects. You get the flexibility to access the FaceTime effects in the studio light, portrait mode and other such effects.

FaceTime functionalities can be enabled in accordance with the integrated features. Not just that, the FaceTime audio and video messages can be viewed from the Apple Watch as well. Isn’t it a convenient feature for anyone busy at the time when the actual call was scheduled?

This isn’t all, as FaceTime now has new features in iOS 17, which enable it to make communications more interactive. You don’t have to stick to boring memos, emojis, texts or stickers as replies. Instead, you can now react to video or audio messages with your hands.

With 3D effects such as flying confetti, beautiful fireworks and others, you can just make hand gestures and activate them instantly. This feature will be accessible on the front camera of iPhone 12 or others.

4. AirDrop & NameDrop

AirDrop & NameDrop

One of the most talked-about iOS 17 features is NameDrop. All iOS users are already in awe of the AirDrop feature, which enables users to share photos, videos and documents in a flash.

But, to add some more functional benefits, NameDrop is introduced to iOS 18, which enables users to share their contact details easily by just bringing their iPhones closer. Not just that, but an iPhone can be brought close to an Apple Watch, and the results will still be the same.

With the same gesture and technology, iPhone users can share their content or initiate a SharePlay session to listen to music, play a game or watch a movie. It will work only when multiple devices are near one another.

5. Enhanced Keyboard

The new iOS 17 is all set to enhance the autocorrect functionality over its keyword. With this, the keyboard will support various languages such as Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Romanian, Thai, Polish, Korean and others.

In this new keyword, typing and sending messages with correct word terminology will be a lot easier. The corrected words will be highlighted for a second to give you an idea about the changes made. You can also revert those changes with just a single click.

Not just that, but the keyword will also have Predictions inline when you type out your sentence. You can then tap over your spacebar to finish the words.

6. StandBy Displays

StandBy Displays

StandBy is the new feature introduced by iOS 17, enabling users to enjoy a full-screen experience with glanceable information. The glanceable information is what the users will customise for you, which can be viewed from a far distance, even when the iPhone is on its side or charging.

StandBy is a perfect feature for a nightstand over the desk, side tables or kitchen counters. It can be personalised for displaying many creative clock systems, favourite widgets or photos. Apart from that, there are Smart Stacks, which is an added feature that will surface the right widgets at the right set time.

StandBy displays are also integrated with support for Live Activities, incoming calls, Siri and notifications. With this, iPhones will become even more useful when you enable the feature and view the information from a distance. When charging your iPhone with MagSafe, StandBy will remember the preferred view of a user.

It is quite easy for anyone to bring up StandBy anytime by tapping on the screen. The added benefit is that iPhone 14 Pro is enabled with Always-On Display, which makes this feature immensely useful.

7. Journal

Journal is a brand-new iPhone application that will help users practice and reflect gratitude through efficient journaling. With machine learning, personalised suggestions will be provided to help a user with their journal entry. The suggestions are intelligently curated from recent activities, including places, workouts, people, photos, etc.

Thus, starting a journal has been made easier with this dedicated application. You can enable scheduled notifications, which can help build a consistent journaling practice for someone. You can also lock the application, which enables you to protect your content. It makes use of end-to-end encryption and on-device processing to ensure the same!

No one, not even Apple, can read the Journal entries. Soon, there will be Journaling Suggestions API integration, which will then add important journaling suggestions to the app over iPhones.

8. Siri


Siri is optimised to listen to you even if you don’t add ‘Hey’ in the prefix. Thus, it means every time you want to access your phone’s features, you don’t want to have to add ‘Hey’ multiple times.

All your back-to-back requests will be attended to without demanding you reactivate Siri every single time. Thus, this is one of the subtle upgrades that will make a great impact in enhancing the experience of iPhone users.


So, these are some of the amazing features of iOS 17 that you will be enjoying within the next few months. Yes, you must own an iPhone beyond the X series to be able to update your OS. All iOS lovers are desperate for wanting to use these innovative features and flaunt the astounding technological advancements that are purely customer-centric.

So, if you are running a business and are willing to make an app compatible with the features of iOS 17, you will need to hire professional iOS app development services.


  1. Why should I opt for custom software development?

    At WWDC 2023, Apple was the biggest highlight of all time. Along with its introduction to iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, tvOS 17, watchOS and AirPods, it also introduced its Apple Vision Pro. It also launched its 15-inch MacBook Air alongside Mac Pro and Mac Studio. Not just that, but the M2 Ultra Chip was like the cherry on top.

  2. What iPhones get iOS 17?

    From iPhone XS to the latest devices, all phones will be getting the iOS 17 update. It is good about Apple that it is still giving out updates for its older devices, even though the sales are discontinued for them.

  3. How to download the iOS 17 BETA profile?

    You can access your device’s ‘Settings’ tab and find the ‘Software Update’ option under the ‘General’ tab. Now, you can click on the BETA updates and find the one you want for your device. Select iOS 17 BETA, and wait for the update to complete.

  4. Is the iOS 17 public BETA version released?

    No, the public BETA version isn’t released yet. The iOS 17 BETA was released on June 5, 2023, whereas the public BETA will be released in July 2023.