Note: We are bringing a resource of mobile app development blogs, news, and magazines that do not offer any app development tools, products or services.

Mobile app development has become trending and even competitive these days.

Did you check out the latest mobile app development trends inspired by Google I/O 2018? You will get to know why it is trending.

In March 2017, there were more than 6.6 million combined mobile apps across all the mobile app stores.



Also, there are millions of mobile app developers across the world including you.

Yes, that’s so true!

So, being a mobile app developer is a tough job. Apart from developing mobile apps, you need to-

  • Learn new things everyday
  • Explore new tools or languages
  • Experiment various functionalities, features, etc.
  • Stay updated with what’s coming new in the industry
  • And, much more.

And, how do you do all these above things?

We’ve brought to you a great list of mobile app development blogs every developer should subscribe. These blogs, news magazines, and expert articles on mobile app development helps you get the latest updates, news, how-tos, know-hows, expert advice, etc. in your mailbox, while you are busy developing mobile apps.

Let’s get started with mobile app development blogs you must read-

Mobile App Development

And, we begin with the first category- mobile app development- in general.

This category will list all the blog, news, and magazine sites that help mobile app developers to get information and knowledge about the mobile app development in general and not specific to any platform or device.

1. DZone Mobile Zone


The no.1 go-to resource for all the mobile app developers is DZone. Here, you get everything that you need for your mobile app development-

  • Cloud integrations
  • Database connectivities
  • Microservices
  • DevOps
  • Agile
  • IoT
  • AI

You will find mobile app development tutorials, news, tips, tricks, tools, etc.

How would you develop the mobile apps, what would you need to integrate, what frameworks, libraries, etc. would you need, etc. everything is covered here.

Approx. Website Traffic: 10.83M [Source] Twitter Followers: 56.9K [Source] LinkedIn Followers: 7K [Source] Facebook Likes: 40K [Source]

2. MobileAppDaily


The MobileAppDaily is a magazine kind of a website that covers everything that is related to the mobile industry.

Everything from the news to the app reviews is covered here. Though it features the sponsored posts, there are various articles in this magazine that not only helps with mobile app development but with its marketing strategies as well.

Approx. Website Traffic: 100.98K [Source] Twitter Followers: 4798 [Source] LinkedIn Followers: 2953 [Source] Facebook Likes: 88.1 [Source]

3. App Developer Magazine


App Developer Magazine is another big shot magazine that helps the app developers with the latest stories on-

  • Mobile app planning and development
  • Mobile app marketing and networking
  • Each technology that contributes to mobile app development

Each developer should subscribe to this magazine to get the latest updates straightaway from the leading app development companies.

Approx. Website Traffic: 65.62K [Source] Twitter Followers: 12.2K [Source] Facebook Likes: 27.9K [Source]

4. TechTarget Mobile Computing


TechTarget Mobile Computing is a website that covers news, tips, and tricks about-

  • Application modernization
  • Application monetization
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Enterprise mobile app development
  • Mobile networking
  • And, much more

All these to help the developers understand everything about what the enterprises are looking for in the mobile app development industry.

You should subscribe to this blog in order to get a feel of expectations, experience and exposure that enterprises want from their developers.

Approx. Website Visits: 426.77K [Source] Twitter Followers: 1286 [Source] LinkedIn Followers: 136 [Source] Facebook Likes: 543 [Source]

5. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a well-known website that covers everything about technology. But, you would need to follow the subscription of the tab, “Apps” in the left corner of the website. img6

This website covers everything that you need to know about any particular mobile app development technology, platform, methods, marketing, monetization, etc.

In fact, what all apps are trending, making money, updating, raising funds, etc. everything you get here about the mobile app industry.

Approx. Website Combined Visits: 31.32M [Source] Twitter Combined Followers: 10.3M [Source] LinkedIn Combined Followers: 2.2M [Source] Facebook Combined Likes: 2.8M [Source]

So, these were the topmost mobile app development blogs that every developer must read and subscribe.

Now, let’s discuss the top Android mobile app development blogs you should follow right-away:

Android App Development

1. Android Developers


For all the mobile app developers looking to learn about Android, first and foremost blog that needs to be considered is the Android Developers Blog.

Here you get to learn everything about Android, solve queries regarding Android app development, configuration, installation, etc.

Bookmark this site or subscribe for the latest Android news, tips, tricks, etc.

Approx. Website Visits: 24.95M [Source] Twitter Followers: 1.99M [Source]

2. Google’s Android Developers Blog

When you’re browsing for tips, documentation, etc. for Android app development, you would definitely look forward to receiving the latest news about Android, its upcoming features, updates, etc. img8

So, when you are subscribed to the Android Developers website, you are automatically subscribed to this blog as it is the part of the same website.

But, why we’ve exclusively mentioned it here as the blog is most often ignored while actually looking for updates related to Android. So, bookmark it as this is the where you will get the most accurate news or updates.

Approx. Website Visits: 956.45K [Source]

3. AndroidPolice

AndroidPolice is the most visited website when it comes to anything and everything Android. img9

Most of the industry experts share their knowledge, expertise, and experience with their Android app development here.

So, you get a pool of expertise out of experts across the globe in one place, AndroidPolice.

Approx. Website Visits: 10.77M [Source] Twitter Followers: 506K [Source] Facebook Likes: 148K [Source]

4. DroidLife

Like most other news and magazine websites, DroidLife also has a category, “Apps”. img10

Here, you get new of Android from the brands that contribute to Android smartphones and app users.

To get the latest updates on what brands are working to offer the Android app users, subscribe to this Android app development news website.

Approx. Website Visits: 2.42M [Source] Twitter Followers: 241K [Source] Facebook Likes: 237K [Source]

5. AndroidAuthority

Most of the time when you sit down and analyze various Android apps and games to develop one for you or your client, you definitely need to look at AndroidAuthority website. img11

For competitor analysis, research and development, everything you get in this one news kind of a website. Approx. Website Visits: 21.16M [Source] Twitter Followers: 241K [Source] Facebook Likes: 2.2M [Source]

So, these were the blogs/news that you need to must-read for Android app development.

Let’s move on to our last category that needs equal attention while developing mobile apps using iOS:

iOS App Development

1. Cult of Mac

The cripest information about iOS apps, its development, marketing, and monetization are published here on Cult of Mac.

#1 website for everything iOS. img12

Subscribe this website to get the latest updates on iOS versions, features, news, tips, tools, etc. to make easy and flawless iOS app development.

Approx. Website Visits: 3.42M [Source] Twitter Followers: 792K [Source] Facebook Likes: 213K [Source]

2. Apple Insider

Apple Insider is definitely a news website, but the most important part here is its forum. While developing iOS apps, you can ask any questions here and there are active users and moderators who are working day in and out to solve queries by developers. img13

Make sure you bookmark this forum for all your iOS app development questions.

Approx. Website Visits: 279K [Source] Twitter Followers: 450K [Source] Facebook Likes: 48K[Source]

3. Mac Observer

Every iOS app developer wants to learn the hacks of using various tools while developing iOS apps. img14

This is definitely what you would need to find out. Subscribe this website now to learn that can save your time and improve your speed while developing iOS apps.

Approx. Website Visits: 1.02M[Source]

4. 9to5Mac

This is another news website and we understand you now no more in need of the news website. But, as usual, there is something different that makes news website important for your iOS app development.

It is its’ guides that are published on a daily basis- img15

This guide helps you with everything from setting up various integrations or configurations to using any features or functionalities of the latest iOS versions.

Make sure you subscribe this for the guides that it has.

Approx. Website Visits: 9.37M [Source] Twitter Followers: 515K [Source] Facebook Likes: 134K [Source]

5. iOS Dev Weekly

This is a blog that is curated by Dave Verwer and the posts are published every Friday.


It brings the most important links that help you with your iOS app development in all aspects across the web.

Subscribe it to bring the posts that you’re not going to get so easily on the web, but are the best for iOS app development.

Final Thoughts

We’ve tried to share the websites that our mobile app development experts are referring to for the latest news, updates, tricks and tips that have created their own expertise and share regularly on our blog.

Subscribe these to keep yourself upgraded with the latest mobile app development updates. And, if you are looking for in-depth discussion on mobile app development tips and tricks, our experts are just a click away. Contact them now.