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  • Best crash reporting tools for iOS, mobile app crash reporting, Mobile App crash reports

    TOP 4 best crash reporting tools for iOS developers

    21 June , 2017
    we've found that there may be a crash reporting tool for each event. all of the options covered in this analysis we both use often now or have in the past. due to that, we did not declare a clear winner with the alternatives we evaluated. Our purpose changed into highlight the strengths or weaknesses we see with each device. on the way to then let you determine which crash reporting framework makes sense to put in force for your very own app.
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  • React Native

    Why React Native is the best Hybrid App Development Framework?

    13 June , 2017
    React Native has also brought the similar concepts of building user interfaces introduced by React. This framework treats the user interface as a function of data which has led to simplicity while still being technologically superior to most other frameworks.
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  • mobile security B

    Best Practices to improve your Mobile App Security

    10 June , 2017
    The smartphone is part of our daily lives, and we majorly depend upon it. We store all our data on our mobile devices right from meeting schedules, contact information, messages, business data. We many times download applications from unauthenticated sources or from nonlegitimate app stores. These rogue applications might have malware or may negatively affect business data.
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