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TVRelaks is the application that provides on demand based television, movies and other videos at one place. It allows the users to view video contents on various mobile devices, in structured manner with well-defined categories, ratings and feedbacks.


This US based Client is a serial entrepreneur and is associated with Entertainment Sector. Client has many contributions in movies and serial startups. 

End User Flow:

  • There will be many videos that will not be a movie, i.e., it will be available in multiple episodes. The application should manage all the episodes in sequential manner.
  • The application should allow the user to manage(select/upgrade/degrade/cancel) the subscription plan.
  • The application should allows the user to add the devices based on their subscription plan. The user should be allowed to reset the devices for a proper reason.
  • There should be online payment for purchasing the subscription plan.
  • The user should be able to search the video based on the fields available in the database and should be able to filter the search results based on the ratings.
  • The user should have the multi display option such as the video on Apple TV or Smart TV using Airplay and Google Chromecast respectively.
  • The user should also be able to view the videos on their desktop, laptop and other mobile devices as well using the native device video player or video player embedded in the application itself.

Admin Flow:

  • Admin should be able to manage the Trial Period.
  • Admin should be able to manage all the subscription plans.
  • Admin should be able to manage the users. Admin can also suspend and revive the account manually.
  • Admin should be able to monitor the number of connected devices at a time for the selected user.
  • Admin should be able to flag the video as featured/new/Not Available outside US at the time of importing the content from CSV and also should be able to frequently check of the dead link. And if found then remove from the list.
  • Admin should be able to send push notifications
  • Admin should be able to manage users and their associated details (such as credit card details, subscription details,trial period details etc.)

Special Requirements:

  • Response time should be less than 5 seconds for all transactions including screen loading
  • The solution should be secured. No hackers should be able to have unauthorized access to the application / systems.
  • Nice and appealing screen designs / GUI with decent color combination to engage the end users.

By considering client’s requirement to scale up the system which handles millions of users and same amount of videos without compromising the performance, we have used Node.JS as backend server and MongoDB as backend database. Ultimately, Team has come up with MEAN stack implementation as per client’s business need.
We have defined custom secure algorithm to communicate with server via WebService API.

  • Manage Subscriptions using auto-renewable In-App Purchase Subscription in iOS and Stripe Subscription in Android.
  • The user can switch the subscription plan from the application in Android device and from iTunes in iOS devices.
  • Google ChromeCast and Airplay is used to display the videos on Smart TV and Apple TV.
  • Design team has followed Materialised design and Apple Developer guidelines with some additional creativities to fulfil client’s requirement regarding UI/UX.

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    Android Studio

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  • End to end security
  • Robust architecture to handle very huge traffic and massive data
  • Automatically monitoring and moderating the content
  • Server response must be very quick.

Our developers has successfully delivered the system as per the client’s requirement.
The developers at TriState are ready for any new challenge in their way to complete the development of Project.


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