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CNA Cleaning Services

CNA Cleaning Services

CNA Cleaning is the Application developed for the Cleaning Service Company, where the Company can manage the employees by assigning job using the App and can track their work through Admin Panel.


The client is the Business Owner located in Melbourne, Australia. He wanted to develop the system for his business, where he can manage every work easily using the Mobile App.

The client owns a Cleaning Service Company and it was a bit difficult to track the employee work and its quality every time. 
The client wanted to have a platform, where he can track all the work activities done by the employees. And also have the knowledge about the quality of work they are doing.


Based on the client's requirement/Business Needs, We have developed the Mobile Application for the Client's Employees and Admin Panel for the Client's Service Company.

Mobile Application:
The Mobile Application allows the employees to select the site and start the work. On completing the work, the employee shall confirm if all the Lights are turned off, security Alarms are turned on, Doors/Auto Gates are Locked and all the Locks are rechecked and then share the photos on the cleaned site with the Admin to check out.

Admin Panel:
The Client will be able to manage the business through the Admin Panel. The Client will assign the work, the site and the cut off time to the employee using the Admin Panel.
The Admin can view all the images of the cleaned site shared by the employees and can also track the time taken to complete the work.

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Before developing this App, the client was managing all the activities on the paper and was doing the entries manually with consumed his most of time so he couldn't think how to scale his business. But we transformed this into Mobile App to make his business run smoothly and to increase the business profile by 15-20% as the App provides a very smooth interface to assign the job and to monitor them.

The technical team at TriState have successfully delivered the application as per clients requirement.


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