Worthwhile Solutions For The Social Networking Industry

Social networking has changed the way the world communicates and does business today. With a worldwide connectivity and commonality of interest, people can now share information in real-time and advertise for targeted customers to make apps and services more interactive. In this way, we can increase our ability of networking potential and work with others regardless of distance and present new ways to do business.


Reshape the future of Social Networking

Interaction is the key factor which drives the social networking platform and in order to grow, businesses have to adapt social networking into their strategy which helps in managing the professional relationships and growing the business network to connect with new prospects..


Aligning value with key capabilities to drive social networking success

As a starting point, we offer simplified, customer-centric communication solutions for the healthcare and fitness industry.

Social Networking applications are those internet properties which are highly interactive and ensure user loyalty and constant participation.

It is imperative for a company to be present on the internet and actively put together timely efforts to help new customers, clients and fans learn more about the importance of social networking in the current era.


Focusing on delivering sophisticated applications

Social networking will help you grow your business without having to spend a single dime.

We have several applications developed that offer exceptional modules to make social networking more effective and worthy.

In order to favor your business profitability, we provide social networking solutions that are advances, flexible, scalable, tested and customized as per your requirements.

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FANLINE is a well-organized platform that assists entertainers to build and expand their career from the palm of their hand.

It provides the tools to quickly update and customize content, allowing new and old fans to instantly view their latest news through live notifications from the app.

  • Create and customize an application that reflects their chosen Entertainment profession.

  • Link and manage all their online content and social media, creating a one-stop shop for fans to easily access and view.

  • Communicate one-on-one with their fans.

  • Get exposure and rapid fan base growth through FANLINE’s massive TV and SNS advertisements.

  • Upload and sell their music to their fans.

  • Keep their fans engaged and constantly up-to-date on their most recent activities.

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Workout Tracker

BuddiesOut provides a hand-picked shortlist of workout buddies nearby, with a curated list of fitness classes in town to explore with your buddies.

  • Find best Fitness Studio

  • Find a Fitness Partner based on certain interest criteria

  • Chat with the Fitness Partner

  • Daily Suggestion for finding the best Partner

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WeMeal brings together Jews of different backgrounds and affiliations to share meaningful Jewish experiences through informal Shabbat meals.

  • Features

  • WeMeal makes it easier for people to organize and plan Shabbat meals.

  • WeMeal allows users to find meals that people they know are hosting.

  • The user can organize and invite their friends for the Shabbat meal.

  • They can set a date and a time for the particular meal invite as well as set the location and the apartment address along with the food and the meal details.

  • They have an option to set the meal as either private or public and also allow the guests to invite their friends.

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Hooti - be witty, honest and safe in 140 characters.

Broadcast your thoughts a in 'hoot' of 140 characters, set the timer, and when time runs out, your hoots disappear forever. You can also create mini-podcast, short videos and pictures to deliver your message.

  • The user can create a post, which is called a Hoot, with words, fun audio, a cool photo, or a neat video.

  • The user can set their hoot to self-destruct in a minute, a day, a week, or a month.

  • The user can reply, like and repost the hoot.

  • The user can browse through their feed to see what others are up to, check out what’s trending, and snoop on Top Hooters.


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