• Using Latest Technology with Restaurant Mobile Apps

    18 August , 2017 Using Latest Technology with Restaurant Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps are innovative factor for food & restaurant industry. This blog is about how we transform your business using this technology in innovative ways to benefits your restaurant business. 

    The mobile application is the medium that easily connected to any individuals from across the globe. Mobile Applications has already been adopted by health care, retail, and technology industries. So applying this in the restaurant industry is not a surprise. In this generation of smart phones, where mobile applications have outrun PC and computers, and restaurant Mobile Apps are something that has created significant impact. So, here is the list of benefits the restaurant business can avail of Mobile Apps in best possible manner.

    Ordering from Table 

    There may be a situation wherein customer is ready to place an order, but eventually, our waiters are busy with other customers taking orders. This is a very frustrating situation for any customers, this may sometimes lead to losing a customer as well. It is been said that quick & fast services turn first time customer into a regular visitor of your restaurant or eateries. A customer can just simply pull out their smartphone and place an order directly from their mobile devices and it will be served when prepared by a waiter. And it is been evident that customer tends to order more quantity or more food from mobile devices.

    Overall improvements in restaurant Operations

    When it comes to Operations it becomes so difficult when you are having a large number of customers walking to enjoy your food every day. Handling this situation effectively without giving your customer too much of trouble is difficult, hence, we recommend to use a mobile application instead. You need less manpower as if the mobile application is doing most part of the job unless serving. Investing in Restaurant Mobile Application will give you a very good return and reduce overall business cost.

    Direct Payment from Table

    One of the easiest way to seek payment from customer against their order through mobile application directly from their table, and it also give your customer hassle free experience and it increases engagement. Moreover, daily income managed at one place and reports can be extracted through the admin panel. Check some of the application developed by TriState Technology

    Easy Take Away

    Mobile Application will help you reduce the takeaway order process. In general scenario, a customer will either phone a restaurant or walk in to order take away meal. In this case, the customer tends to order less as if they don’t have a complete insight of menu and other varieties, while in the mobile application they can see each item in details with its ingredients. This will make your custom order their favorite dishes most often and also order more food. Also, they don’t have to wait for an order to be prepared and don’t have to phone the restaurant for taking away orders.

    Smart Kitchen with Restaurant Mobile App

    Our services consist of interactive dashboard panel for kitchen staff to see orders, can mark as a prepared so on an forth. The most important features they have is review against each order or food dishes. This will help them improve the quality of their dishes.


    Use latest tools and technologies to equipped your restaurant and attract & retain more customer and also increase brand awareness leads to business expansion. Speak to our expert consultant and they will help you with choosing right tools and technology as well as features which suit your business requirement to go with.

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