• Future of VR(Virtual Reality)

    09 June , 2016 Virtual Reality

    Now technology expands day by day & you receive new surprises from it..

    VR is one of them..

    So,Forget reality, let’s live with Virtual reality…

    VR is mesmerizing interactive media or axonometric view. VR is a facsimile medium which is developed with program and It will work in such a way that you can assume and feel like it as a live environment.

    Most of the all range of virtual realities are presented either on a Computer & mobile display with VR handset.Currently many companies providing different types of VR devices with advance features,and it is easily available in market today with lower to higher range,but you need to take care about glass quality at the time of purchase.

    You can find many VR device like Samsung’s Gear VR, HTC VIve, Oculus Rift ,Sony PlayStation VR headset, Google Cardboard, Microsoft HoloLens, Razer’s OSVR , FOVE VR , Zeiss VR. Oculus Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) use to support VR devices.

    Virtual reality is not only used for entertainment but also used for business purpose nowadays.

    Many industry like

    • Real-Estate,
    • Gaming industry
    • Architecture
    • Sport
    • Medicine
    • Manufacturing industry
    • Tourism….And many more

    Which are using VR for their customers to get business.In many industry VR is useful for training also.

    In future,Virtual reality will be everywhere,you can see people will carry VR device as their mobile phone,also People will do many things with VR like Car test drive, E-learning, Robotic surgery, Military training, Space program, Weather forecasting, Designing, Meditation & Shopping also.

    So,Let’s wait for new future invention in VR,Where all people live in different world.. Which is called VR World.